BBM Structure


Honourary Positions, in The Brigade, are appointments given to an individual, in which the particular individual is enabled to continue serving in the BB Ministry on an advisory level, drawing on his/her years of experience in the ministry.

Mr Tham Leong

Honorary Brigade President

Brigade Executive Council (Term 2021 - 2023)

The Brigade Executive Council known as Exco is the decision-making body of the Boys' Brigade in that is empowered to lead the organization, by making strategic policies, whilst providing the Brigade with inspiration, guidance, and planning towards the achievement of its stated Objects, that will propel the organization ahead of its time. 

Nicholas Yeap, Captain

Brigade President

Rev Dr Herman Shastri

Brigade Chaplain

Melvin Seah, Captain

Brigade Deputy President

Edwin Khoo, Honorary Captain

Brigade Vice President 

Hii King Ong, Honorary Captain

Brigade Vice President

Andy Tan Choon Lun, Captain

Brigade Treasurer

Neil Mah, Captain

Brigade Secretary 

Joseph Yeoh, Captain

Penang State Commissioner

Edwin Khoo, Hon. Captain

Perak State Commissioner 

Andy Tan Choon Lun, Hon. Captain

Kuala Lumpur State Commissioner 

Michael Lee, Captain

Selangor State Commissioner

Joseph Lai, Captain

Melaka State Commissioner

Jason Chong, Captain

Johor State Commissioner

Sim Tze Sian, Hon. Captain

Sarawak State Commissioner              

Foo Ming Chung, Hon. Captain

Sabah State Commissioner