If your child has already been enrolled as a member of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia, or is thinking of joining, then read on to find out a little bit more below...

First of all, we would like to welcome you to the BB family, your child is, now, part of the one million children and young people across the globe, who are members of The Boys’ Brigade as well. Aside from that, your child is, now, connected with more than 8,000 children and young people over 120 companies in Malaysia.

Did you know?

The Boys’ Brigade is a movement that has been going on for over 130 years, therefore we have a proven track record that you can trust. Millions of children and young people have been part of The Boys’ Brigade, at some point in their lives! This includes the former football manager of Manchester United – Sir Alex Ferguson!

About our work

Above all, our purpose is to provide a positive contribution to the lives of children and young people in Malaysia, through the programmes of activities that we offer. Our programmes are balanced to provide every child and young person with opportunities to take part in a wide range of activities, learn new skills and develop their existing skills, at the same time.

We encourage you to find out more about the programme your child is involved in – HERE.

Who can join?

The Boys’ Brigade is open to all children and young people, aged from 6 to 21, of any religion (excluding Islam, as per the Malaysian law) and background. Eligibility for joining will be different, depending on the Companies, as some Companies are for Boys only whilst others are open to Boys and Girls. Therefore, please do check with your local Company.

Our Leaders

All our Officers are trained to provide a safe and caring environment for all children and young people. While the Officers are running the programmes in the local Companies, they are also able to mentor the young people in all aspects of life, encouraging self-discovery, developing their strengths and encouraging them in less strong areas, so that they may break through obstacles that hinder their growth, as the opportunity rises. Aside from those, they are, also, entrusted to be the official liaison between The Boys’ Brigade and the parents.

How do I find a local Company for my child?

The best way to get involved is to find your local Company, by using our “Company Finder” tool. All you need to do is to look for your State, and you will find a list of local Companies, of which their names are as according to their districts. Get in touch with the local Company, by completing the online contact form, or just head over for a visit on the day, time and place which the Company meets.

Find your nearest company using our Company Finder.

Should you have any questions, that you did not find in this website, we encourage you to first approach your local Company Officers. However, if you feel that you would prefer to speak to someone else, you are welcome to contact our Headquarters.

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