Our Timeline

Our Timeline

The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

The Early Years of our Founder

William Alexander Smith was born on 27 October 1854 at Pennyland House, half a mile from Thurso. Thurso is a town of 4000 inhabitants, situated on the north-eastern coast of Scotland.

The Founding of The Boys

It was in his twentieth year that Smith started active work in the Free College Church in Glasgow. He served as a Sabbath School (or Sunday School) teacher there.

1st Glasgow Company

The Boys' Brigade was launched in the Free College Church Mission, North Woodside Road, Glasgow on 4 October 1883 with a crew of three Officers and 28 Boys.

From church youth work to a national movement

Meanwhile, the 1st Glasgow Company continued to increase its membership and enhanced its programme. Activities such as swimming, cricket and a brass band which superseded the flute band, were incorporated.