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Every week, we partner with over 120 churches to help bring impact to over 8,000 children and young people, aged from 6 to 21 years across Malaysia. We can help your church reach out to children and young people in your local community by starting a group (known as a Company).

What is The Boys’ Brigade? Why should I start it in our local church?

The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia is a non-denominational Christian Uniformed Youth Organisation for school-aged children and young people from ages 6 to 21 years.

The Brigade is about Advancing Christ’s Kingdom in the local community, with trained leaders utilising programmes as a tool to instil the value of discipline and mentor each person in their journey towards faith, and subsequently towards Christian maturity.

The Brigade is a proven children and youth ministry opportunity for any church and has a major outreach potential within your local community, when the fun, adventurous and challenging programmes are run effectively by trained leaders.

Since 1883, The Boys’ Brigade has reached out to millions of children and young people, at a global scale. Today, we are passionate about partnering with churches to build bridges into local communities and engage a lost generation of children and young people, with a message of hope rooted in Jesus.

How does the BB work in the local church?

Through the BB, children and young people (aged 6 to 21) get involved in local churches by means of weekly parades (meet-ups), special events, community projects and training programmes. These activities are led by volunteers (known as Officers), who are trained and supported to work as effective children and youth workers in a Christian context. The local Company is commenced and maintained by the local church as an integral part of its children and youth ministry.

Why a uniform?

The wearing of a uniform encourages a sense of community, group identity and esprit de corps as members are identifiable as part of something big. It also acts as a “leveller”, to show that everyone is equal, regardless of the family’s socio-economic situation.

The uniform is also designed for the member to take pride in, as it is worn across the globe by other members in different countries, that are part of the same movement.

The Boys’ Brigade helps churches by:

Most of the time, church leaders are always enthusiastic about the idea when we mention about starting a new piece of children or youth work. But, when it comes to the practicality of working as a volunteer, they become very concerned.

We pride ourselves on youth leaders, who respect and value children and young people, and love them as individuals. We promise, that we will do everything that we can to help support and train your volunteers to be effective Christian children and youth workers. You provide the leaders, and we’ll train them in managing volunteers, relational youth work, sharing their faith or leading the local company.

Providing a safe environment, in which children and young people can develop, is a fundamental responsibility for every Officer (youth leader), company and church. The Officers are trained with the knowledge of proper conduct, when working with children and young people. The National Leaders of the Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia emphasise greatly on the importance of integrity of all Officers, in the way they carry themselves as Christian role models for these children and young people.

Your youth leaders are not alone! We have local and national support networks, which means that you are never far from a friendly face, someone to pray, worship and share ideas with, and other companies nearby to join in with activities and competitions.

**On a side note, it is very important for you to know that, even though you might not realise where you would quite fit into The Boys’ Brigade ministry, every member of your church has a role to play in the local company, whether it is through prayer, encouragement, or volunteering (as mentioned in Romans 12:7-9).

I’m interested, what’s next?

At a time when churches are losing children and young people, we believe that The Boys’ Brigade is the ideal solution to support your church in reversing this trend. Never underestimate the role that you could play in one child or young person’s life. Your interventions through your work with The Boys’ Brigade will change their futures.

If you are interested in starting a local company or would like to know further about what The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia could offer your church, please contact us through the various channels.

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