Did you know that you can make a difference to a child and/or a young person’s life, just by helping out in a Boys’ Brigade Company? Being involved as a volunteer in The Boys’ Brigade movement eventually means helping children and young people, as they grow. This usually leads to happier young people, which subsequently leads to happier communities and a society that values the contribution that all of us can make, regardless of age.

Our volunteers, of whom may possess different ranks and positions such as Officers or Helpers, ultimately assumes the mantle of being leaders as they guide a course for children and young people. Many of our volunteers have mentioned their experience, while being involved in the Boys’ Brigade movement, to be an impactful one as it has helped them to discover their skills and, perhaps, have found their passion. Volunteering in the Brigade opens doors to new possibilities in various aspects – locally, nationally or internationally.


Yes! The beauty of volunteering with The Boys’ Brigade is that you can be flexible. Even if you are only able to help out once a month, or even once a year, we are still happy to welcome you.

Officers and Helpers are similar, in terms of taking the role of a leader who guides the children and young people. However, Officers are expected to be committed in attending Parades every week and put on uniforms, with design that is similar to the members’.

No – just an attitude that is positive about children and young people, or as we would like to think, have faith in young people. We value every volunteer just as we value every child and young person. With that being established, if you do possess any skills that would benefit the members, that would be great, as well!

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