The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

The Boys' Brigade is an interdenominational Christian youth organisation, conceived by Sir William Alexander Smith to combine drill and fun activities with Christian values.

We Need Your Support

The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia is constantly developing and expanding in the Youth Ministry Work throughout Malaysia. Hence, we very much need support in terms of funding to run the operations and many other projects to bring impact to the Youth out there. Please support us by clicking the button below.


1st Camp in BB?

Ever wonder When was the FIRST CAMP in BB? Did you know they wore uniform all the way throughout the camp! Imagine doing the same today! Click on the article to find out more!

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Ever feel wanting to join BB even you are 16 years old?

"What is Primer in BB?" Is it a type of paint? Is it Optimus Prime's younger Brother? Read more to discover it.

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Do you know there are Sportsman’s Colours?

Planning on getting sports badge?Read more for more INTERESTING fact about Sportsman’s Colour!

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As we need to further provide a comprehensive and interesting programme for teenagers with the increasing operational costs, we require your help to balance the service cost and further develop our services. Funds donated in this category helps us to prepare enough resources and to maintain an efficient youth development, as well as expand our services to the community.