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Marching Onward to the 75th Anniversary

Thursday, August 30, 2018 / by The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

The Boys’ Brigade movement started in the Malaya Peninsular all the way back in 1946 by an educationalist Mr. Geh Hun Kheng and Mr. Robert Davis, a fellow British soldier and former Captain of the 6th Birken Company in the United Kingdom. 

Both of them established the 1st Penang Company in 1946 and the rest was history. Throughout the 75 years, The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia has seen so many changes and growth in leaps and bounds. One vision that has remained genuinely consistent is the intention to advance His kingdom through building up the character of boys and girls and impacting their life through the Boys’ Brigade method. 

As such, the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of The Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia kicked off with tracing back BBM’s historical milestones.

On the 31st of January, the Official Logo and Theme was launched as well. 

With that, BBM looks forward to an exciting year this year with many activities lined up to continue to engage the Members and support the Officers in this ministry. 

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