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One Year Anniversary - Riding the Covid19 Storm

Thursday, August 30, 2018 / by The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

The saying goes, time waits for no one. It has been exactly a year since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in Malaysia. As an organization that meets physically every week with the boys and girls, this indeed comes as a surprise and brings the organization to a halt for a moment. 

However, the momentum of transitioning online was kicked off with the BBM National Team providing guidelines and resources that help the Officers who are serving at the local Company level to move the weekly meeting (called Parade) online and continue the engagement with the boys and girls we serve. 

In this one year, it is great to see that many companies have adapted to the new norm and continued to engage young people. What makes the Boys’ Brigade unique is the intergenerational mentorship provided by the adult volunteers who are passionate to continue to build up young people in character and in faith. 

Here is the YouTube Playlist of the resources provided. 

Boys’ Brigade Online 

Description: To kick start the momentum of transitioning BB activities towards online 

Officer Training Program

Description: To equip the Officer in running The Boys’ Brigade, a series of training sessions was conducted on different topics. 

Leadership Training Program


Drill Video Resources: 



On top of that many other events and initiatives were implemented that were positively received. The silver lining in this Covid19 storm was that it has challenged the traditional method of running activities and shows that there are much more creative ways of reaching out. Many times, these ways are may reach more audiences in a more cost-effective manner than previously could. 

Thank God for this one year. 

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