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Annual Brigade Conference 2021 - Looking inward, Reaching outward, Marching Onward

Thursday, August 30, 2018 / by The Boys' Brigade in Malaysia

With the idea conceived back in 2019 for a physical setting, the pandemic circumstance causes the idea to be shelved until further notice. However, in the spirit of riding the storm, the Brigade National Team decided to give it a go by doing it online. Dream big, start small, and most importantly act! 

With that, the 1st Annual Brigade Conference was held on 24 April 2021 that incorporated 3 main events.

  • 57th Brigade Council Meeting (BCM) as part of the program. 

  • Workshop Sessions

  • 75th Anniversary Night 

The theme for this conference was Looking Inward, Reaching Outward, Marching Onward. 

  • Looking Inward to engage and support our own Members

  • Reaching Outward to engage the young people and parents

  • Marching Onward to look ever forward with the hope anchored in Christ

The Conference started off with the BCM early in the morning at 8.30 am that finishes about 1 pm after settling the Brigade matters at hand before breaking off for lunch. 

The participants then came back to the Conference and attended the Workshop sessions in the afternoon, a total of 16 of them. All these workshops were organized with the intention to encourage and equip the Officers as they serve in the BB ministry. All in all, there were 219 Officers that attended the Workshops including 44 Officers from:

  • BB Philippines

  • BB Cambodia

  • BB Australia

  • BB Indonesia

  • BB Singapore

These are the topics of the workshop sessions. 

Session 1a: Adapted to change (Junior - English) 

Speaker: 8th Petaling Jaya - Kevin Kok | 1st Kajang - Jason Tam

Session 1b: Adapted to change (Junior - Chinese)

Speaker: 5th Miri - Law Siew Siek | 19th Penang - Dennis Teh

Session 2a: Adapted to change (Senior - English)

Speaker: 12th Kuala Lumpur - Nicholas Yeap


Session 2b: Adapted to change (Senior - Chinese)

Speaker: 8th Penang - Teh Gim Beng | 8th Sibu - Tang Sin Onn

Session 3: Sharing His love in the Community

Sharing on BB Sabah’s effort in the food distribution for the needy.

Speaker: BB Sabah - Foo Ming Chung

Session 4a: Who's Next? Planning Leadership Succession with God 

Speaker: Roshan Thiran (Leaderonomics)

Session 4b: Rekindling Servant Leadership 

Speaker: Marianne Liaw (Scripture Union)

Session 5a: Preparedness: Crisis Ready! 

Speaker: Cheong Chee Keen (CREST)

Session 5b: Mentally healthy 

Speaker: Vincent Lim (NACC)

Session 6a: Connecting with the Rural and Urban Poor: It’s a Privilege

Speaker: Pauline Wong (Malaysian CARE)

Session 6b: Special Needs: Are they really Special or Unique? 

Speaker: Wong Hui Min (S.P.I.C.E.S)

Session 7a: Partnering with Parents to Strengthen the Table of Support 

Speaker: Joshua Liong (Focus on the Family)

Session 7b: Love God and Love the Young People: LGBT 

Speaker: Rev Edmund Smith (Real Love Ministry)

Session 8: Digital Borderless Recruitment 

Speaker: Sarath Kumar (Alpha Malaysia)

Session 9: Beyond the Uncertain

Speaker: Ps Daniel Ho (DUMC)


The recordings of the workshop session are available on YouTube with the link to the playlist here.

The 1st Annual Brigade Conference finishes off with the last event which is the 75th Anniversary Celebration Night attended by BB Members, Officers, Parents, and Alumni. 

FB Live session replay: