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KL organised ANTS

KUALA LUMPUR : Advanced NCO Training School

August 29-31, 2009

After more than two years of not conducting the Advanced NCO Training School (ANTS), the Kuala Lumpur State decided that they need to have one in order not to let down their members. The state approached BBM Training Chairman, Mr Loh Pau Joo for permission to organise one and also to request that he handles this training while the state provides the coaches.

With the determination of a small group of KL State officers, the ANTS was finally brought to Kuala Lumpur State once again.

Since a few more neighbouring states did not organise ANTS this year, the KL ANTS was opened to companies on a first come first serve basis. Finally, a total of 49 trainees from Kuala Lumpur, 1st JB, 1st Teluk Intan, 8th Penang, 1st PJ, 2nd Subang, 1st Kajang and 3rd Kajang signed up for this training.

The training went on very smoothly. With Mr Loh's presence and leading help the coaches to understand better what the training is all about. It was also very encouraging to note that almost all the coaches were a younger generation of officers.

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